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Large Oil Paintings,  Canvas and Panel   

My Friend Pablo ~ the Kiss Series  

Several of These Paintings are Portraits, they what I identify as visual Alchemies. They are both male and female at the same time. Since one half of the portrait is male and the other side female they have been created with the object in mind of a relationship of sorts therefore the name “the Kiss Series”.  This can also relate to Rodin’s “the Kiss” as well as Gustav Klimt, “the Kiss”. The wording “My Friend Pablo” comes from how highly influenced these works are from Pablo Picasso creations. They deal with the aspect of split personality. We should observe that which exist inside us of both the Mother and the Father. In today’s world of the 20 teens we are dealing with transgender persons, homosexuality and heterosexuality. These topics while not on the front page all the time are deep issues that not only divide our society they pull us together at the same time this relates to the portraits again in pairing of mental existence.                                                                                                                         When I first gazed upon an abstract Picasso Portrait I was deeply affected by the duality of both profile and onward gaze of the head or heads within the one. We need not look much further than “Girl before a Mirror” or “The Weeping Woman” to gather fine examples of this type of imagery.  It is there that I was drawn in, many years ago and only now am I exhibiting similes from the influence of the great Pablo Picasso. I do not intend to boast as if I can compete or stand up against a person of such greatness. Only that it is a joy to be influenced by one of the greats. Homage is therefore paid to those who come before me as I only wish to steep myself in their work. Hopefully in time more Paintings will come to the surface.  

 Large Version, My Friend Pablo, The Kiss Series, 48" X 40" / Oil on Birch Plywood, $16,000

  The Blue House, Oil on birch Panel, 48" X 29.5" $9000

  BAOBAB TREES With Fruit, Oil on Canvas, 48" X 30" 2015 / $7000.

 These Flowers Never Die, Oil on Panel, 48" X 40" 2006 $11,000

Grand Flower, 48"w X 40"h , 2006 SOLD, ~ $11,000

  Sage of Crystals, Oil on Panel, 54" X 43" {Visual Anomaly} $14,500

 Red Explosion, Oil on Panel 48" X 36" $8,500

Captor Flower, The Growler Series 30" X 30" New for 2017, $4000 

  Vision of a Swerling dream, Oil on Linen 32" X 34" $4500

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