Collected Works 

Collections throughout the United States



Grand Flower / 48"w X 40"h



Exotic Terra Cotta Vessel  / Carl Laughlin Frame 23"w X 32"h

This work above is Considered Missing or Stolen / whereabouts unknown / Anyone providing information that prompts its return will be given a monetary reward. 



Dying Limbs 8"w X  10h"


Ice Composition 12"w X 5.5"h



Small Flowers, 11"w X 5.5h



Pear and Flower 6"w X 9"h



Donated to the Poor, 17" w X 14"h



Olive Mist, 17"w X 14"h



Cactus Vessel 6"w X 6"h



Abstraction  24" X 18" 



Heart Vessel with Flowers, 24"w X30"h



Exotic Drop Leaf Table, 48"w X 40"h



The Color of Sand 9"w X 16"h



Calling Arch, 28"w X 34"h



Blue LIght, 8"w X 10"h



Midnight Abstraction 12"w X 12"w



The Blue House 14"w X 11"h



Olive Light 6"w X 9"h

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