The below images of Butterflies have been produced with the generous financial assistance from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Grant and the Greater Philadelphia Area Cultural Alliance  


More Images to follow in the future. 



It is the vision of the Artist, that images of Butterflies are not what you think. Very rarely do you get to view one where you can study it. The ones you discover in nature can only be viewed for a brief second because when you approach them they fly off. When you see them in flight they bounce off the air in such a way it is hard to determine their actual shape. For the most part what we have as images have been gathered from photograph and that is the concept we have in our minds when we think of the image. So, as an artist my first attempt was to paint a butterfly with all its colors and design. It was during that process, I realized that painting a Butterfly in its full design was not how I felt about them. Upon further examination I determined that it was the design I was trying to capture. That turned to a silhouette until I got to the Monarch Butterfly. Then it was the design and the Color of the wings I responded to. Below are the images so far I have created. 


**Something of note, The Monarch Butterfly is the only Butterfly that actually migrates. The route is in many areas of North America and they journey to the south to a specific part of the mountains in Mexico. It takes four life cycles of the Monarch Butterfly to complete its migration from the north to the south and the Monarch Butterfly has been tracked to fly over 240 miles in a day, an amazing feat. It is not known how they know how to arrive at the same place in Mexico.   



Above Image Number #1. Swallowtail Butterfly, OIl on Birchwood Panel  40" X 40"



Above Image #2. Flock of Butterflies, Oil on Birchwood Panel 40" X 40"



Above Image #3. Grand Monarch Wing Design 40"X40"  Aluminum Gilt and Oil Paint on Birchwood Panel 



Above Image #4 Small Monarch Wing Design, Oil and Aluminum Gilt on Birchwood Panel 24"X24" 



Above Image #5. Small Swallowtail Silhouette, Oil on Birchwood Panel, 24"X24"



Above Image #6. Small Swallowtail Silhouette, Oil on Birchwood Panel 24"X24"


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