The Day is NOW

Alphonse Lane



Alphonse’s current work is an explosion of vibrating color and bold mixed hues. His Palette has changed from subtle grays and ominous blacks that spoke of internal turmoil and an arriving storm to ones of bursting colors that are a vivid detonation that speaks of the calm day after a gale.  His imagery is now out of control, blasted upon the panel like the big bang that formed the heavens above. He is in a class outside of the world of the plain and the mundane; he completed his Undergraduate Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and his Certificate and Graduate Studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. His Tenure at PAFA has yielded such greats as Bo Bartlett who graduated a year ahead of him. Wade Shuman who was in his class, he studied under passionate painters like Will Barnett of New York and Sydney Goodman of Philadelphia, studied Color with the renowned Color teacher from PAFA, Arthur DeCosta. Alphonse’s paintings are lavished in the wild and look like crawling creatures from the deep caldrons of a colorful lagoon. People must wonder what planet he comes from as what he paints is not of this world. His vision is from left field crossing in to an abyss into the deep recesses of the inner mind. They come forth into his imagination from deep in the ID, unrestrained and unrepentant. They are raw, like flesh that has been skinned off of a dead animal. Alive they crawl like a Caterpillar with vivid colors that has yet to form into a Butterfly and go airborne. Alphonse’s years of study and work have paid off, his accomplishments are many and his awards are the ones he went after. Picasso and Brother Vincent, Fantin and Rousseau, Rembrandt and Vermeer these are the people he has daily conversations. If anything is to be asked of him, what’s next? 



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