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        The abstract heads you see, these represent are what I believe, "That with each person we know or even a person we aren’t familiar with, what exist between two people is an actual entity, a being, a third person. The relationship you share with your spouse, brother, sister, or friend there is a different entity within each relationship. This artistic vision was created when viewing the work of the heads of Picasso. In looking at many of his heads you should notice there is one eye gazing forward and one in profile. My creativity told me to iinterpret this as two persons in the same portrait. When I thought about it, there are no two persons who are exactly the same, no two twins have the same personality and when you know them you can easily discern them apart. Therefore was this what Picasso was communicating to us without even being wholly aware of it, perhaps? While I have not taken to Painting two persons, perhaps a married couple and combining their faces to form one as of yet, the one that comes to mind is John and Yoko and the film seen where John unifies both of their faces of Yoko and John to form one, It's is quite convincing. 


          Below is a video from Yellowstone National Park it was a source of inspiration. I lived in Yellowstone for four seasons. VisuallyYellowstone is a well of profound energy lost in time where nature has been left to its own beauty for thousands of years.  What Yellowstone is and was for me, a place of profound mystery and awe. My memories from that time period in life are ones of wonder and personal enrichment. Even today, I still draw upon feelings I had when I hiked to 12,000 feet to discover a field of Wild Flower hundreds of yards in legnth. As I paint today I realize just how difficult it really is to make a work of Art. They by force, have a life of their own, it seems that to make a work of Art one has to grasp the uncontrolable. By the nature of my being, my creativity seems to fly off into a myriad of thoughts. They, so powerful, images arise like beings from another world. I am driven to bring them forth from my imagination and create them into reality as best I can. 


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