Alfa Art Gallery Catalogue 2019

Chapter 4, Visceral and Visionary

Page 26 / Exhibition June 18-August 31, 2018

Staff Curator / Alfa Gallery 



For many, art is a means by which one can attain freedom of mind and spirit through personal expression. Alphonse Lane embarks on his artistic ventures in order to attain such freedom. He paints impressionistic depictions of fruit and floral reminiscent of Diego Rivera’s Muralist works. Lane’s nature –rich still life’s images serve as the result of a catalyst which coalesces the colors he keep on hand and the images he visualizes with his mind’s eye. In complying with strict laws of permanence when crafting his paintings Lane strives to create works capable of withstanding the passage of time just as the great Impressionists artist before him did. With his utilization of sublime hues and pigments, each contributing their own unique quality to his completed works of art, Lane yearns to present art that speaks as loudly and clearly to his viewers as his own voice would. 




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