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The Ballad of America

Spring 2020

Alphonse Lane 


So here we sit, and I ask myself I may not be here tomorrow with this virus about. Yet I am here today!! And is not tomorrow only a myth? The culling of the heard she comes, death on a Pale Horse and so West knew.... Where am I but lost at this moment in time? I am an American I live in the land of the Free. What to do if this thing takes me? This Thing? They gave it a name yet it comes to steal the breath of life itself!


America, just what is America? It is a place, where an Idea Exist. A place where a people a few hundred years ago came to find and make a better life for themselves. That was what they wanted, to get away, to seek out, a new frontier. 


That Idea, and the thought of that idea is instilled in the heart and the souls of all Americans and is an inherent belief and dream that exist deep in the heart and mind throughout the world. The Dream of America will always be here because it is written and etched upon the soul of the world. Even if, Yes Even…there is only one of us left after this "Thing" reaps havoc. You will see that dream come to life like a Ravaged Dog, seething and yearning for a fight. One will only see it in the Eye like what is written in the eyes of a wild animal.

You wanna see a fight she said? You have seen nothing but me at my medium if you wanan see me at my worst, “Or best as some may call it”? We will consume, we will eat, we will show the world just what we are made of. Nothing, but a little bird like a dove in a cage set free to fly like reckless abandon into the sun for one thing is for certain. They won’t get all of us, because nothing is so powerful as an idea whose time has come! 






Autumn She Beckons 2019


Alphonse Lane 


Here I sit and let silence speak taking it’s time. The rustle of the leaves in the soft breeze in the evening light whispers. Oh nature you call once again with the chanting of the season, what do you bring us this time around?  A quiet gale to the next bend in the road, the groaner on the crest of the waves quells the soul. Soft and tranquil is the caress of night, Moonrise on the horizon, deep amber orange ascendning to the highest point as a guiding light in the night sky. Tell me spirit, which way shall you cometh? I hear you, the hush and calm in the quiet of the night. The dawn she awakens to the arising day, another season has come and gone, be with me oh great wise one. Let me take my leave of myself and paint with reckless abandon, passion, the vehement fervor. Look at it, yes, “look”, see, with the eyes what the mind tells is not so. Let me know once again so I may have my vision as if never seen before.

I have found you.




Image Below, Perfect Pear, 24"X24" 





Delicious Apple 36" X 36"



 Pitete Pear, 26"w X 38"h ~Oil on Linen mounted on Baltic Birch Panel 


  Great Bosc 50"w X 40"h


The Great Fallen Bosc, 40"h X50"w 

The Great Bosc Pear, 40"w X 50"h, 2017

Three Pears, 50" w X 40"h - 2017

Red Explosion 48" w X 36"h -  2017,  

 The Sapphire Growler 36"w X 24"h - 2017, 



Born Philadelphia 1961, Attended The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  1982 - 1986 CFA. 
  Graduated The University of Pennsylvania with a BFA in 1995. PAFA, MFA, 2004.

 Currently paints in his studio. 

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