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Alphonse Lane

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Alphonse Lane (b. 1961) is an artist and educator. His accomplishments include both a Certificate of Fine Art 1986 and a Masters of Fine Arts from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Where he studied both Painting and Printmaking. In the Masters Program at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts he focused on painting and creative pictorial space. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts 1995 from The University of Pennsylvania where he learned the approach to mural painting and visual studies / Art History. His artistic vision was honed in Yellowstone / Grand Teton National Park in the late 1980’s. Then he returned to Philadelphia in 1991 to focus on the study of the Floral Genre as it is applied to Oil Paint. His awards include; The Charles Firth Award of Excellence from the PAFA Fellowship 1992, The Tri-State Artist Equity Award Celebrating the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Memorial Hall Philadelphia, 1993 and Curator’s Choice at the Micro Museum, Brooklyn, N.Y. 2010.  .Alphonse exhibited at The University of Pennsylvania Fox Art Gallery in 2008. The Micro Museum Brooklyn, N.Y. 2009-2010, Art EXPO New York 2011, Fine Art Center of Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Arkansas 2013. His latest accomplishment was an award of a Grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, funded by The National Endowment for the Arts, Given by the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, 2018-2019. Alphonse paints in the tranquil solitude at his home and studio in Berwyn, PA.


If you own a work of Art by Alphonse Lane, a certificate of ownership or “authenticity” is a valuable tool as proof of the work being genuine and made by the hand of the Artist {Alphonse Lane}

Kindly contact the artist if you desire one. Alphonselane@Alumni.Upenn.Edu


Image Below, "Forest of Dark Rubble", 12" X 14" After Brian.  

Image Below, "Of Sorts", 12" X 12" After Brian

Petite Perfect Pear, 10" X 10" 

Pear Series, 2020, 20" X 18" 

Pear Series, 2020, 20"w X 18" 

Pear Series, 2020, 20"w X18"h 



Image Below "Perfect Pear" 24" X 24"  12 /10 /2019 

Daphne, Oil on Panel 40"X 40" / May 2020, 

Image Below,  To Cherish / Abstract, 2020, 40" X 40" 

Delicious Apple 36" X 36" 



 Petite Pear, 38"h X 26"w ~Oil on Linen mounted on Baltic Birch Panel

Standing Pear 50" X 40" Oil on Panel 


The Great Fallen Bosc, 40"h X50"w 

Three Pears, 50" w X 40"h - 2017

Red Explosion 48" w X 36"h -  2017

 The Sapphire Growler 24"w X 36"h - 2017



Born Philadelphia 1961, Attended The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  1982 - 1986 CFA. 
  Graduated The University of Pennsylvania with a BFA in 1995. PAFA, MFA, 2004.


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