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Alphonse Lane

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I enjoy working with people who thrive on 2-dimensional decorating in their homes and offices. It is an invigorating and refreshing experience to witness a person’s home transform with the addition of just one of my works. If several are used, the whole house or office gathers a whole new world and becomes a life changing event and a transformation. When done from commission or outright purchase, the process of frame selection to match the décor of the home and to match the painting itself, then, to the hanging, on what wall works best to accentuate the mood of tranquility and peace within the living essence of each dwelling. It is paramount of the Artist that the owner of his work is assured authenticity and genuinely of the Art by a hand signed and noted {Certificate of Authenticity} that is created by the artist and is only accessible for reproduction by the artist, Alphonse Lane.

If, you own Fine Visual Art by the Artist {Alphonse Lane} and you do NOT have a Certificate of Authenticity, it is important that you promptly contact the artist and he will have the proper credentials created to prove 1, The work is genuine, 2, The work was acquired legally 3, Has been made by the hand of Alphonse Lane and is not stolen or a forgery. Contact info is, AlphonseLane@Alumni.UPenn,Edu
PAFA 1986&2004 / CFA + MFA
UPENN, 1995, BFA



How We Got Started

My life in the visual arts started as a child when my mother supplied me with a small Chalkboard that had a scroll on top with pictures of scenery. I took it upon myself to use the Colored Chalk to reproduce the works I saw visually. I became ecstatic upon my success. That was at about the age of 6-7. My first memory of color was an Extra-Large Box of Crayola Crayons and the joy of picking out the colors that I preferred and loved. It was clear to me anyway that my happiest moments in life were surrounded by the times in which I was working with my hands and creating art. In High School I took my first formal class totally dedicated to Art and its pursuit. Within the first 4 weeks the instructor told me "why don't you go to Art School"? She then instructed me to take an in-person tour of PAFA dedicated solely to the purpose of advancing in the visual arts. I was amazed at PAFA, when I went in it was like a Libarary, totally slient yet loaded with students. I was accepted to the full time day school of PAFA in 1982, graduating in 1986, followed by The University of Pennsylvania BFA, 1991- 1995 and the finishing up with an MFA, PAFA, 2004. 

Pear Series, 2020, 18" X 20" $6800

Pear Series, 2020, 18"w X 20" $6800

Pear Series, 2020, 18"w X20"h $6800



Image Below "Perfect Pear" 24" X 24"  12 /10 /2019 $10,500

Daphne, Oil on Panel 40"X 40" / May 2020 $22,400

Image Below,  To Cherish / Abstract, 2020, 40" X 40" (ON LONE)~



Image Below, The Dawn of More 40" x 40" / Abstract $22,400 


Delicious Apple 36" X 36" $18,250



 Pitete Pear, 26"w X 38"h ~Oil on Linen mounted on Baltic Birch Panel $13,800


The Great Fallen Bosc, 40"h X50"w $28,000

The Great Bosc Pear, 40"w X 50"h, 2017 $28,000

Three Pears, 50" w X 40"h - 2017 $28,000

Red Explosion 48" w X 36"h -  2017, $24,000 

 The Sapphire Growler 36"w X 24"h - 2017,16,300 



Born Philadelphia 1961, Attended The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  1982 - 1986 CFA. 
  Graduated The University of Pennsylvania with a BFA in 1995. PAFA, MFA, 2004.


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