Alphonse Lane 

Was awared a

Pennsylvania Council on the Arts

Greater Philadelphia Area Cultural Alliance 

Pennsylvania Partners in the Arts 

Grant for 2018-2019

for the creation of artistic works 

Specifically Butterflies 

Some of the images have been created and are listed on the Butterflies Page on the left margin toward the bottom 







I follow all the laws of Permanence; to those of you who do not know what that means it is as follows.

In life, we as Fine Visual Artist, execute works of Art. In our hearts, is the desire to create that which will stand up to the ages. Persons like Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Durer, Titian and all the greats fully understood this process and the desire that the voice spoken should be heard in the manner it was produced. Knowing this, even today, adherence to this process is to me of the utmost importance. It is one of the truest properties of my existence as a Visual Artist, specifically a Painter. My personal process involves an immediate brush response. This is achieved by painting on a firm surface, in my case a Panel. Sometimes I mount Linen on the surface; sometimes I mount Paper to achieve a glass like surface. I use only the highest quality pigments, Winsor & Newton, Holbein, Sennelier, and Old Holland. We start out thin and then gradually move thicker all the while moving from lean to fat. In the end we glaze and thereby create the “Stained Glass Effect”. Thereby making colors that cannot be achieved by direct application.   

While there can be a billion colors and even more so a billion fashions to do an oil painting. No two Artists are the same. If we are true to ourselves each artist is different as much as we have different personalities. The Greatest aspect of art is the fact that only history will speak of who the Greats are and only time will tell who will be remembered for that which is timeless. In my mind, the truest achievement an artist can contribute is to create that which is timeless. For it is “There” that it cannot be reduced or taken away or diminished. That which is timeless does not speak of a period. It is a living being, a thing, an entity. It speaks all by itself of itself and makes no mention of another. It is within itself the truest example of thought and understanding and “that which I live for”.

Alphonse Lane  




Paintings by Alphonse Lane




Bartlet Pear, 24"X24"





Delicious Apple 36" X 36"



 Pitete Pear, 26"w X 38"h ~Oil on Linen mounted on Baltic Birch Panel 


  Great Bosc 50"w X 40"h


The Great Fallen Bosc, 40"h X50"w 

The Great Bosc Pear, 40"w X 50"h, 2017

Three Pears, 50" w X 40"h - 2017

Red Explosion 48" w X 36"h -  2017,  

 The Sapphire Growler 36"w X 24"h - 2017, 


 My work possesses imagery as a "response" to what I have seen in nature and life. Some of these visual metaphors are imaginary and come from the remembrance of travels.   I interpret what I see and it is reflected in these visual descriptions 

Alphonse Lane, Biography 

                                  "The True Sign of Intelligence is not knowledge but Imagination" ~~ Einstein               

            The Most Beautiful Thing We Can Experience is the Mysterious ~ Einstein

                            Awarded the "Runner Up in the WORLD ARTIST GRANT 50,000 Grant Competition 2016-2017

Born Philadelphia 1961, Attended The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  1982 - 1986 CFA. 
  He traveled to Yellowstone National Park 87-91, loved the floral imagery of the mountain wild flowers.
  Graduated The University of Pennsylvania with a BFA in "1995". PAFA, MFA, 2004.

 Currently paints in his studio. 

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