My work posseses imagery as a "response" to what I have seen in nature and life. These visual metephors are imagionary and come from the remembrance of travels. I interperet what I see and it is reflected in these visual descriptions   

Alphonse Lane, Biography, His personality type is a INTP 

                                  "The True Sign of Intellegence is not knowledge but Imagination" ~~ Einstein               

            The Most Beautiful Thing We Can Experience is the Mysterious ~ Einstein


                            Awarded the "Runner Up in the WORLD ARTIST GRANT 50,000 Grant Competition 

   Born Philadelphia 1961. Attended The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  1982 - 1986 CFA. 
  He traveled to Yellowstone National Park 87-91,  loved the floral imagery of the mountain wild flowers.
  Graduated The  University of  Pennsylvania with a BFA in "1995". PAFA, MFA, 2004.

 Currently paints in his studio. 

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