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My work in the beginning of 2016 is inspired by many artist, Vincent Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso as well as others.  I feed off of many Artist as they have a tremendous amount of content. It has become clear to me I am a "Response Artist" Meaning, I see art, I respond visually to the work seen and I therefore create. This means to me I go anywhere I wish visually and I create accordingly.    



Pitete Still 7.5" X 5"
Catedral View
Sentinal Vessel with Flora
Steel Bouquet
My Friend Pablo, The Kiss Series - 22"X22"
Red Explosion 48"X36" Available
Cactus Vessel 8.5" X 8" Sold
Bullnose,11"X7.5"- watercolor on paper
Tearing Vision of a Sick Eye 24" X 18"
Exotic Drop Leaf Table 48" X 40" Sold
Composition in Ice 15" X 6" Location unknown
Olive Mist 17"X 14" Sold
Stripped Vessels with Flora
Four Flor in Heart Vessel
Grand Flower in Vessel / Sold 48" X 40"
The Lovers 30" X 22.5" Available
Blue Jug in Fire Sky
Red Mellon Pot 24" X 18"
My Friend Pablo, "The Kiss Series" 22"H X 22"W

Alphonse Lane, Biography

Born outside of Philadelphia 1961. After high school he attended The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.
In the Summer Session of 1982 an older instructor named Seymour Remenick was helpful in his acceptance to PAFA.
Four years later and several awards under his belt he graduated with a C.F.A and continued his creative studies  He traveled to Yellowstone National Park. He loved the floral imagery of the mountain wild flowers. He took photographs of the flowers he experienced and painted them.
He then altered his course and worked at painting floral similes that were strictly “Self-Created Imagery of Flora”.  He Graduated The  University of Pennsylvania with a BFA in "1995". Not long after PENN  in 2002 he attended PAFA again and acquired an MFA. He creativity pushed his his efforts after 25 years in many directions. He designs and colors in water color pencil. He will draw a visual landscape or design or similar and will paint it. 
When not working in employment he is diligently preparing one of his several Genres contently in the solitary confines of his studio. 

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